When first encountering Kelly, she will hit you between the eyes with her contagious giggle and genuine smile. She believes that the world would be a much better place if everyone practiced bearing the beams of love in all that they do. A William Blake enthusiast, she is trying to find a scientist who will agree to bring him back from the dead so that she could have at least one cup of coffee with him.
She graduated magna cum laude from Centenary College with a bachelor’s in English and Secondary Education. She believes that reading literature can save the world and that the greatest historians are artists and poets.
She’s a Jersey girl that gets overly annoyed by every other car, believes speed limits are just “guidelines,” and that more people need to be educated on the purpose of the left lane.
A warrior who is battling Crohn’s disease, she takes odd pride in knowing that no one is tough enough to kick her ass other than her own immune system.
Kelly is a lover of science, a believer in pantheism, a seeker for the sake of seeking, a moon-bather, stargazer, spreader of smiles, and giver of giggles. She falls in love every day with people who have beautiful minds, but thinks the most beautiful mind is her husband and Partner in Crime, Sean – and she doesn’t think she’s biased about that, at all.
She likes the fact that most people aren’t necessarily laughing at her quirky jokes, but instead are laughing at how funny she thinks her jokes are.
She feels the world at a cellular level, loves strongly, and overthinks everything.