Well, hello there! I’m Kelly Owens.

The truth of the matter is that you will likely hear my giggle long before you see my face, and that’s just how it is.

I believe that the world would be a much better place if everyone practiced bearing the beams of love in all that they do. A William Blake enthusiast, I am trying to find a scientist who will agree to bring him back from the dead so that I could have at least one cup of coffee with him.

I graduated magna cum laude from Centenary College with a bachelor’s in English and Secondary Education. I believe that reading literature can save the world and that the greatest historians are artists and poets.

My writing inspirations are William Blake, John Keats, John Rzeznik, Gavin Rossdale, Rupi Kaur, and Zac Douglas. Each brings to the table something that touches my soul, whether it’s through their poetry or song lyrics.

My husband and I lived in Hawaii for three years, where I taught high school English and did freelance writing and he worked as a carpenter, actor, and photographer.

After struggling with Crohn’s disease for 15 years, I found relief from a revolutionary clinical trial. Again, my husband and I packed up and moved again — this time to Holland, where we spent 5 months as I underwent surgery for a Vagus Nerve implant. The results were phenomenal. I went from being in a wheelchair in June to running several miles every day in September, and ever since. I am now dedicated to advocating for this incredible era of bioelectronic medicine so that more and more people can find relief from debilitating diseases as well

I am a lover of science, a believer in pantheism, a seeker for the sake of seeking, a moon-bather, stargazer, spreader of smiles, and giver of giggles.

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Have a beautiful day!