My Dear (2009)

I love the depth in his eyes when he takes me in.

His gaze warms my soul like hot cider

On a cool autumn day.

He knows what it means when I get that far off look

When we are holding hands, going for a drive

And my grip gets just a little tighter

Dancing under the luminescence

His smile radiating

Beaming into my core

Catching his eyes to say, “I love you”

Without saying a word at all.

His hazel eyes tell a story

Turning shades of green and blue

Depending on how the sun strikes them

They breathe me in like a gust of wind

And exhale away all of my worries

When I look in them long enough

Years have past

And he still makes me crazy

When he takes my head in his hands

Throwing back a kiss

And wiping away a tear

‘Cause after all of this time,

You’re my best friend, my dear.


Photo: schuetz-mediendesign/Pixabay