Sunflowers and Daisies in Mason Jars

I love the way that the universe rocks me like a baby in her vibrations and croons sweet songs in my ears —

How music and lyrics cause my body to be ungovernable, swaying the air around it, silencing the freight, surrendering the senses

Moments that his hands find themselves cradling my face, both hastening and halting my heart and breath.

And nights on the roof top, tangling our hands together, star gazing, moon bathing, and wondering the whats, the whys, and the hows –

Finding contentment in the curiosity that remains

Revelations that remind me that the older I get the less I know of definitive truths and the more I revel in shades of gray

How the smell of clean cotton candles carries me to my mom wherever I am

and wood-burning stoves that promises familiar aroma to winter’s chill

The crunch of dry leaves under foot

and miles of woods ahead and behind

Lost in nature and memories of walks in the woods with my dad

Blue skies on fall days

and opening the windows to purify the house with crisp October air

The way my love’s eyes soften when he says ‘I love you’

How his eyebrow twitches when he’s over-tired

And how his smile lines curve his countenance so compassionately

Snuggling with good friends and connecting with kindred spirits

Sweet little girls with enormous brown eyes, dimples, and baby-tooth grins

Sunflowers and daisies in mason jars

When my heart overflows with so much happiness that it fills my eyes and dances down my cheek

Valiant hearts and happy endings

These are a few of my favorite things