The House that Built Lilly


I hadn’t seen the house since I left for Italy four years ago.

It’s funny the weight of a place can hold.

Except it’s not funny.

Usually the places that hold the most weight are because of the pain that occurred there.

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Seen but not Heard

Jenny loved leggings lined in fleece. Oversized leggings that don’t cut into her well-loved thighs – but instead hug them in a warm embrace. She’s so short that she could probably pull up the waist band passed her boobs and make it a full body suit, but figures that might be taking it too far. Instead, she pulled them up beyond her belly button, hugging her tummy with warmth. Perfectly paired with a long sleeved shirt and socks that could reach her knees, but she rolled mid-way down her shins to cover the scars on her legs she’d rather not remember.

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