Sunflowers and Daisies in Mason Jars

I love the way that the universe rocks me like a baby in her vibrations and croons sweet songs in my ears —

How music and lyrics cause my body to be ungovernable, swaying the air around it, silencing the freight, surrendering the senses

Moments that his hands find themselves cradling my face, both hastening and halting my heart and breath.

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To Zach (2011)

I wonder if it was ever real —

These etchings of a time

so far away, conceal

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Anticipation (2010)

I cannot decide if it is

your strong, arched brow

or your incandescent hazel eyes

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Torn (2009)

My memories burn my heart

As they flicker in my mind

Small snapshots of life I lived before

Haunt me all the time.

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My Dear (2009)

I love the depth in his eyes when he takes me in.

His gaze warms my soul like hot cider

On a cool autumn day.

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Love me Foolishly (2009)

Love me foolishly.

Make them wonder what it is

Or even better

How it could be?

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Broken Resilience (2009)

My heart is slow.

It’s sunken

Deep into the tired ribs protecting it.

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Indian Summer (2008)

It’s not as warm as it used to be.

The days are gray and empty

And the nights follow with a cold breeze

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The Smile I Wear (2003)

The smile I wear, it hides many things

It hides all of my thoughts, feelings and dreams.

It shelters the sad song on the radio last night

It grieves over things I’ve done wrong

Wishing I’d done them right

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