The House that Built Lilly


I hadn’t seen the house since I left for Italy four years ago.

It’s funny the weight of a place can hold.

Except it’s not funny.

Usually the places that hold the most weight are because of the pain that occurred there.

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Empathetic Capitalism: The Story of Chris


Chris knows adversity. Raised by a single mother, he and his sister’s day started at four AM. They helped their mom with one of her three jobs: delivering papers. After their morning delivery, Chris and his little sister were off to school and mom off to her second job.

“I always figured that money would be the answer to all of the problems, because we never had it. Not that it doesn’t create its own problems.” 

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The Beauty of Familiar

The closet door slides open. In my slumber, I can hear him being as quiet as possible. In my in between state, I’m grateful to be able to sleep just a little bit longer.

I like that place — that place in between asleep and awake where anything is possible. Dreams mesh with the sounds of reality in that place. I hear the coffee pot turn on and the frying pan sizzle, and for a moment, my body is at peace.

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My Life’s Work: The Intention vs. The Reality

I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I decided to become a teacher in Hawaii.

The day that my Hawaii State Teachers License came in the mail, my husband and I excitedly danced around our kitchen. We tacked it on our bulletin board and clinked our coffee mugs to celebrate. Neither of us realized that it would cost us our financial security and my health.

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