Sunflowers and Daisies in Mason Jars

I love the way that the universe rocks me like a baby in her vibrations and croons sweet songs in my ears —

How music and lyrics cause my body to be ungovernable, swaying the air around it, silencing the freight, surrendering the senses

Moments that his hands find themselves cradling my face, both hastening and halting my heart and breath.

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The Beauty of Familiar

The closet door slides open. In my slumber, I can hear him being as quiet as possible. In my in between state, I’m grateful to be able to sleep just a little bit longer.

I like that place — that place in between asleep and awake where anything is possible. Dreams mesh with the sounds of reality in that place. I hear the coffee pot turn on and the frying pan sizzle, and for a moment, my body is at peace.

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